Vibrant Colours, Fresh Produce And A Local Market Discovery – Day 93 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 93, Reason 93: Today I am so happy to have discovered a vibrant, colourful, local market with wonderful fresh produce.


I will let the photos do most of the talking for this post, but first, a little background:

Having lived here for the past 6 years, I’ve often been to the small market that is held every morning in the little village I live in. But, I’m ashamed to say that I had no idea there was a proper Saturday fresh produce market every week in the nearby town down by the beach, until my Mum’s friend mentioned it a few weeks ago.

I’ve been searching in the supermarkets for reasonably priced almonds, so that I can have a go at making homemade almond milk, but to no avail. You’d think that, as almond tress grow abundantly throughout the countryside, they’d be pretty cheap to buy, but not the case. So, this morning my Mum and I headed off in search of almonds and the Saturday market.


As we approached the centre of the town, we were amazed to see market stalls set up along the sides of the streets and throngs of people spilling out onto the roads. We hadn’t expected anything this big and bustling! Despite not being a big fan of crowds, I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and have a wander round.

The colours were so vibrant and there was so much variety. Each stall was run by a local market gardener or fisherman, who had set up their wares under a bright sunshade. I loved it, it was buzzing!  I even found delicious almonds (the stall holder let me taste them first), perfect to make homemade almond milk, and at just the right price. 🙂

Fresh fish straight from the sea


          A different kind of fish (fig and almond) that made me smile


Natural raw honey, almonds and figs


      Fresh veg and gorgeous colours


Beautiful flowers


I thought these flowers were kind of cool – no idea what they are!


Oranges freshly picked from the tree this morning, with their leaves still on.

We had great fun and, yet again, it felt fantastic to be well enough to get out and about. We also had a delicious lunch sitting out in the sunshine with all the wonderfully fresh food we had bought.

I now have my almonds soaking in water overnight in the fridge, so tomorrow is almond milk experiment day. Wish me luck!

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