On The Right Track – Day 91 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 91, Reason 91: Today I feel ecstatic in the knowledge that I am very much on the right track.


The Pollyanna Plan really did come to me like a bolt out of the blue, one day in mid January this year. Having watched the film Julie and Julia on New Year’s Eve (very rock and roll, I know, but I haven’t been well enough to go out for New Year’s Eve for many years) I felt inspired to set myself a challenge and start writing a blog. But that is as far as I got, as I didn’t have a clue what that challenge might be or what on earth I could possibly write about.

Separately to this, I made a pact with myself, a sort of secret New Year’s Resolution (not so secret now,) that this year, I would commit to doing whatever it takes to get healthy and well. No excuses!

I didn’t connect the two for a good few weeks, until I re-read Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Positive Feelings, by Lyn Grabhorn (now officially my favourite book, for all it has done for me.) It was only then, that my New Year’s Eve’s inspiration and my New Year’s Pact came together like a thunder clap and sent the aforementioned bolt out of the blue shooting into my head. And so, The Pollyanna Plan was born.

Fast forward to this afternoon – While scrolling through my WordPress reader, I came across an intriguingly named blog post on Lori Leigh Wilson’s Blog called, A Happiness Challenge. Cool, I thought, this could be interesting.

The post features a video of a TEDx talk by Shawn Achor, entitled, “The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains To Performance.” I was intrigued, so I grabbed a cup of tea (decaf, black, Earl Grey, in case you were wondering) and settled into my chair to watch.

Not only is the talk extremely informative and inspiring, (it turns out that having a positive, happy outlook is good for you in many ways) but it is also very funny and had me laughing out loud – never a bad thing! Towards the end of the presentation, Shawn Achor explains that there are ways in which we can train our brains to become more positive and that, in only 21 days, our brains can be rewired to work more optimistically and successfully. I was really paying attention now.

Then came the cool part! Here is the list of things that research has shown creates long lasting positive change when done for just 21 days:

  • Write down 3 new things you are grateful for each day, which trains our brains to look for the positive in life.
  • Journaling about 1 positive experience you’ve had over the past 24 hours, which allows your brain to relive it.
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Random acts of kindness

It made me feel so good to know that I’m on the right track with The Pollyanna Plan. Ok, so I’m only coming up with 1 new thing to feel grateful for every day (but I’m committed to doing this for 1 whole year), the meditation has fallen by the wayside somewhat, but I’ll get back to it, and perhaps I need to step up the random acts of kindness.

BUT, as you know, I have been journaling about my positive experiences on a daily basis, not only for 21 days, but for the past 91 days. And, I tell you what, the part about allowing your brain to relive the experience is so true, as I ALWAYS feel even more happy and positive whilst writing these posts.

I’ve also started incorporating gentle exercise into my daily routine, no matter how ill/exhausted I’m feeling. I’m keeping up with my yoga video most days and also taking the dogs for a stroll in the afternoon.

So, it would seem that The Pollyanna Plan has already been scientifically proven to work in improving health, life and everything else! I am over the moon to have this confirmation. Who knows, I might even get more benefits from it than I ever imagined! 🙂

274 days to go

274  reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

£238.68 to raise for Save the Children

If you have enjoyed reading this post, maybe you would like to sponsor The Pollyanna Plan (365 days to find 365 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful) by making a small donation to my chosen charity, Save the Children.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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