Restoring Furniture In A Bikini – Day 86 of The Pollyanna Plan

Maybe “restoring’ furniture is slightly too grand a word to use, but “sanding down” doesn’t really have the same ring to it, does it?

Day 86 of The Pollyanna Plan began much like Day 85. That is to say, another night filled with stomach cramps and not enough sleep had left me feeling far from my best. Understatement!

I think it was eating the goat’s cheese the other day that has caused my digestive tract to put up such a protest. It’s really quite annoying, as since my diet is now sooo restrictive, I’ve been trying to introduce foods I haven’t eaten for a long time that are on the list of foods I AM allowed to eat (according to the food intolerance blood test.) My body seems to have other ideas though, but I guess it knows best and I should learn to listen to it!

However, the great thing about today, compared to the wash out that was yesterday, is that, as the morning progressed, I began to feel a little better. Hoorah! Thank you Universe!

As it was another bright, sunshiny day, it was the perfect time to get started on a job I’ve been meaning to do for ages – sanding down a lovely, old chest of drawers I have in my bedroom. The chest of drawers was kindly given to me a few months ago by a family friend who moved abroad, but I haven’t been able to use it to store my clothes in, as it smells old and musty.

At the time, my Mum painted it white, to match the rest of my bedroom furniture, and to try to eliminate the smell, but it didn’t work and the drawers all seized up and wouldn’t open. So, today, we began the monumental task of sanding the whole thing down to it’s nautral wood colour – which is really rather beautiful, unlike the dark brown varnish it was covered in before.

It’s a huge job, as it’s a big piece of furniture and requires a lot of tlc, so I recruited my Mum, and we both worked on a drawer each out in the garden. I had to keep stopping to take off clothes, as the sun became hotter, and soon I’d stripped down to a bikini (for the first time this year) and had to spray on suntan oil. I hasten to say that our garden is very private and no one can see in. I wouldn’t wish that sight on anyone!

Day 86, Reason 86: Today I was delighted to be out in the sunshine and happily absorbed in the task of restoring furniture.


Much like gardening, restoring furniture is a job you can get lost in. I felt very relaxed and contented, as I gently and lovingly sanded down the nooks and crannies of the drawer. Focusing on the task in hand really calmed my mind, allowing me to be present in the moment and it felt wonderful to feel the heat of the sun on my skin, at long last. Bliss! I even have the beginnings of a sun tan.

Plenty more sanding to do, so plenty more sun tanning to go – Might need to buy some more suntan cream!

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