Visions And Dreams – Day 83 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 83, Reason 83: Today I’m so happy that I’ve created an album filled with my visions and dreams

“It’s a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling!” Yep, I’ve got Michael Bublé going round my head, but really, it has been a BEAUTIFUL day and I’ve been smiling throughout. 🙂

I was up very early again this morning – I’ve still got to master the art of waking up early AND feeling good, but I know I’ll get there. I couldn’t bear the thought of sitting inside at my laptop and missing out on the glorious weather, so I decided to carry on with the vision board I started last week and sit out on the balcony in the sunshine.

Our little house has a balcony with spectacular views over lush countryside with the ocean on the horizon. It’s the perfect place to sit, relax, smile, be happy and dream of the all the things I would like to achieve in my life. What a fabulous activity to start the day!

Having already cut out a few pics for my vision board the other day, I’d failed to find a suitable board to pin them to. However, I remembered a great post that I’d read on Michelle Dobbins’ Daily Alchemy blog about Treasure Mapping (similar to a vision board) and how she created a treasure mapping book in a photo album. I had just the thing – a self adhesive photo album I’d been given as a Christmas present – Perfect!


I began by sticking in the pictures I’d already found and then wrote statements of gratitude (in the present tense,) as if those things had already come to pass.  For example, I put in a picture of a happy, healthy girl, jumping for joy and wrote, “Thank you for my perfectly healthy, strong body” 🙂

I sometimes find it difficult to think of things (other than good health) that I really want. I’m not a materialistic person and due to being ill for so long, I haven’t given much thought to anything past the goal of getting well. But, the more statements I wrote and felt happy and grateful for, the more dreams and goals sprung to my mind.  In fact, I became so absorbed, that I was scribbling away excitedly for nearly 2 hours. That’s an example of the law of attraction right there!

Once I’d covered all my basic wants and desires, I started branching out and letting my imagination run wild. I included having a book published, that, of course, became a best seller. I even stuck in a picture of Charlotte Dujardin winning Olympic dressage gold on the beautiful, graceful Valegro, as it was my childhood dream to qualify to ride in the Olympics.

I know this may seem pretty far fetched, but in my defence, equestrianism is one of those sports where age isn’t so important – Britain’s Nick Skelton was a sprightly 54 when he won a team show jumping gold in last year’s Olympic Games…and he’d broken his neck a few years before that.

I believe that if your ambitions and goals make you feel good, if they excite you and bring out your passion, then why not let go and dream big! I read through my vision album this afternoon and it really made me smile. I think it will make great bedtime reading. 🙂

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282 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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11 thoughts on “Visions And Dreams – Day 83 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. So beautiful! I can’t wait to hear about everything that happens from your book. Since everything came true in my first book, I kinda wished I dreamed a little bigger, lol. At the time, they were all big dreams and now I have new, big dreams. I love your Pollyanna plan. I recently downloaded the original Pollyanna book on my kindle to read. I’m looking forward to it.

    Thanks for linking to my blog. 🙂

      1. I have not started the Vision board which is silly because the rest would stem from that. I struggle, have done for years. Might be the only person in the entire universe that knows the law and attracts polar opposites. I have faith in god so I see no reason why I should doubt the law of attraction, in fact have known people who have managed major feats despite all medical strategies failing.
        I have just passed 1 year of illness, I have been fighting against and tried to stay strong, which is tiring. There is too much spinning for me to balance… All the more reason to sit down and make my vision board! X

      2. You will get there! I was exactly the same. I found out about the Law of Attraction a few years ago and thought I was doing it right, but my health continued to worsen. It’s only since the start of The Pollyanna Plan that I’ve managed to slowly turn things around. It took a lot of determination. If you’d like to chat anytime, my email is: x

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