Boy Band Lyrics And Bee-Eaters – Day 78 of The Pollyanna Plan

“It’s kinda funny how life can change. Can flip 180 in a matter of days.”  Who’d have thought I’d ever be quoting lyrics from the boy band, Blue, but they have a point, don’t you think? Life can do an about turn very quickly.

Just look at me! 24 hours ago I was finding it really difficult to muster any happy, positive feelings, but having found my reason to feel glad/happy/joyful for the day, my mood slowly began to lift. And today, right from the offset, things have been going really well for me.

For starters, I slept a lot better last night (thank you Universe!) and I woke up this morning feeling better than I have for days. The sun was streaming through the curtains and, at last, it felt like Spring had well and truly arrived.

Today is my Dad’s birthday, so my Mum and I went over to visit him this morning and take him his presents. I know I always say this, but it felt so good to be out of the house and seeing the outside world. We took the scenic route, driving past fields full of beautiful wild flowers, when I spotted a flock of Bee-Eaters sitting high up on a wire. They flew off, darting and diving, flashing their beautiful coloured wings.  I love Bee-Eaters – for their vibrant colours, their grace, but also because their arrival back here means that summer is on it’s way.


Bee-eater (this is NOT my photo)

Day 78, Reason 78: Today I am delighted that the Bee-eaters have returned and that summer will soon be here.


Bee-eater – this IS my photo – now you know why I’ve had to include the other one! 🙂

It was great to see my Dad and spend some time catching up with him. I don’t get to see him as much as I’d like to, but now my health is improving, I hope that will change.

In other great news – My Facebook business page was featured on the networking site I discovered the other day, which is brilliant for marketing. I was super excited when I found out and have been amazed at the number of new ‘Likes’ and messages I have received. And I just put an advert on a local Facebook page to try to sell all the packets of gluten free pasta I have stored in the cupboard, which I can no longer eat. I was completely amazed when they sold within 2 minutes. Yey! Maybe Facebook isn’t so bad after all!

287  days to go

287 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

£258.68 to raise for Save the Children

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© N. Lamy – The Pollyanna Plan – 2013-  All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “Boy Band Lyrics And Bee-Eaters – Day 78 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Oh boy, my bird-nerd boyfriend would have loved that! Glad you’re feeling better today, and Happy Birthday to your dad! My dad’s is soon too. I’d better get him something, come to think of it.

    I’d love to “like” your business Facebook page someday if you feel you get to know me well enough – you could email it to me. Up to you. I have one too, and we have a lot of silly fun over there. 🙂

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