Happiness Is An Unexpected Hug – Day 77 of The Pollyanna Plan

Today, I don’t know what to write. I don’t feel sad exactly, but neither do I feel very happy.

My health is worse again – the low grade fever has returned and I’ve spent the day feeling exhausted and alternating between being too hot or shivering. Not nice! The weather is grey and miserable looking and I also received a reply to an email I had sent, which left me feeling pretty disappointed. In short, I’ve been coasting through the day feeling ok.

But “ok” just won’t cut it when it comes to The Pollyanna Plan and my mission to improve my health through the power of happy, positive feelings. I need to do a lot better than ok

So, there I was sitting on the sofa, laptop (appropriately named) on my lap, staring at an empty screen, looking forlorn and fed up, when my Mum came over and sat next to me and said two magic words, “group hug!”

At that moment, both our rescue dogs came rushing over, tails wagging and rested their heads in our laps, as we all joined in a big group hug. It was so cute and instantly lifted my spirits.

Day 77, Reason 77: Today I am happy and grateful for hugs.

The power of a hug and being surrounded by love really does work wonders. As I’ve been writing this post, I recalled a video I’d seen on YouTube a few months ago about people giving out free hugs. Take a look – you need to watch to the end for the good bits.

So, today I’m sending you all a big hug. Please feel free to pass it on. 🙂

288  days to go

288 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

£258.68 to raise for Save the Children

 If you have enjoyed reading this post, maybe you would like to sponsor The Pollyanna Plan (365 days to find 365 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful) by making a small donation to Save the Children.

Each year 8 million children never reach their 5th birthday. Most die from easily preventable diseases like diarrhoea, malaria and pneumonia – especially if they are already weak and undernourished.

 Save the Children works in 120 countries around the world helping to ensure more children live to celebrate their 5th birthday and beyond, wherever they are. 

To find out more, or to make a donation, please click on the link below:

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

© N. Lamy – The Pollyanna Plan – 2013-  All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Happiness Is An Unexpected Hug – Day 77 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Aww, your mom sounds awesome. I miss mine – she moved far away this year. Hopefully it was nothing I said. 😛

    Btw, have you ever looked into mastocytosis or mast cell disorders? Someone mentioned it to me the other day. Have a google and see if it sounds like you at all. I wonder about it myself, since I also have many food intolerances. Just a thought.

    Virtual hugs to you, to go in your virtual stocking! Feel better soon! XOXOXO

    1. Thank you for the virtual hugs! They worked, as I’m feeling much better today. 🙂 I’d never heard of mastocytosis before, so I had a look on Google and it doesn’t sound like me. But, thank you for the info. xx

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