Getting Bendy (Hardly) – Day 41 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 41, Reason 41: Today I am thrilled to have found a yoga video online for complete beginners.

I’ve tried to do yoga videos before – I even have an actual old school video tape of a yoga lesson – but I’ve always found them to be way too difficult, or the instructor to be way too irritating, or the plinky plonky music to get on my nerves.

But, today I found the perfect video online for complete beginners. It was half an hour long (just the right amount of time, in my opinion,) the instructor was friendly and didn’t feel the need to show off how bendy he could be, even his voice was pleasant and non grating. The best part was that the video really was for complete beginners. Many of them claim to be for “beginners” but once you see what they expect you to do, it’s clear that it’s their idea of a joke!

This video focused a lot on breathing and gentle stretching – just what I needed. You see, I’m determined to get over this persistent low grade fever that continues to plague me and I believe that gentle movement and exercise will help get my lymph system working and improve my overall health.


Child’s pose – by far my favourite yoga position! 🙂

So, I was very happy to have found the perfect yoga video, with the perfect instructor to start with. I actually really enjoyed it and I even felt a little better by the end. RESULT!

Same again tomorrow, I think!

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