Small Successes and Great Commitment – Day 39 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 39, Reason 39: Today I am celebrating small successes and my great commitment to The Pollyanna Plan

So much for storm chasing yesterday! The storm well and truly found us last night and I woke this morning to howling gusts of wind and driving, horizontal rain.

But last night, also brought some really good news -I sold another item in my new, online shop. I felt ecstatic when I found out, as slowly, but surely my little business seems to be growing and financially I’m getting ever closer to my goal of being able to afford my first month’s gym membership. Now, I just need to work on feeling healthy enough to actually get to the gym, never mind doing any exercise, but at least I’m moving in the right direction.

So, this morning, I carefully packaged the sold item ready to ship AND, to really celebrate in style, I ordered myself some proper business cards online. 🙂 I hadn’t wanted to spend any money on business cards before, as I wasn’t sure if I’d have any success, but I promised myself that if I made another sale in the next couple of weeks, that I’d treat myself. And voila, as if on cue, my next sale appeared!

I’ve been sticking to my goal of listing 3 items a week in my shop, despite all the setbacks with my health, and it looks like I’m being rewarded. Thank you Universe!

The not so great news, is that, yet again, I have a low grade fever – I’ve only had 2 days without one – which is so disappointing. When my symptoms worsen, it sends me into “what can I do” mode, where I desperately think what my next course of action should be to improve my ailing health. Which doctor should I go and see?  Should I seek a second opinion elsewhere? Do I need more blood tests?  Which holistic treatment should I try next? Questions, questions, questions!

But, everything I’ve learnt about The Law of Attraction tells me that this is a BAD idea. I’ve realised that the times where I’ve experienced those little light bulb moments and taken inspired action, which has worked out perfectly, are the times when I’ve been feeling really HAPPY and POSITIVE, NOT when I’ve been frantically trying to find a solution. You see, it’s all about ACTION not REACTION.

So, with the help of The Pollyanna Plan, I am going to switch my focus from solution seeking to simply feeling happy and really celebrating my small success today. Woohoo! I’ve decided this, whilst I’ve been writing! It’s not easy, I can assure you, but I’m determined to fully commit to The Plan and put my faith in the Universe.


326 days to go

326 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

£321.82 to raise for Save The Children

I am writing a blog post every day for 365 days, to find 365 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful in a mission to improve my health and life through the power of positive, happy feelings.

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