Storm Chasing – Day 38 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 38, Reason 38: Today I am delighted I was well enough to go out for a storm chasing picnic!

I’m feeling a little bit better again today (yippee) and I was desperate to get out of the house, having been stuck at home for over a week.

The weather, however, had different plans. But, as thunderous black clouds gathered above, my Mum suggested a picnic in the car overlooking the ocean. “We could go storm chasing!” I exclaimed.

So, we set off: Two intrepid explorers, braving the elements. Well, not quite, but it sounds more impressive!

We found the perfect spot, high on a cliff top, with amazing panoramic views out across the ocean. The sky looked ominous, the ocean was churning and we were sure a storm would hit soon.


The clouds were gathering

As we ate our picnic, we watched a flock of seagulls swooping and soaring, getting buffeted by the strong winds. They looked like they were having fun at nature’s theme park.

In the distance to our right, the horizon was obscured by a huge purple cloud and we could see the rain pelting down. We waited in anticipation for the storm to reach us. Two raindrops fell onto the windscreen, as a token gesture. Then, the clouds parted and the sun appeared.

IMG_0193Look at the colour of the ocean

It really was spectacular, although I was looking forward to witnessing a proper storm. I even managed a short walk along the cliff tops to blow the cobwebs away, which felt so good after many days cooped up at home. I was thrilled to be out in the world again.


There had been a cliff fall onto the beach, caused by the stormy seas

The funny thing was that when we returned home, we could see the storm had passed through and it had rained heavily. We’d missed it! But you know what they say, “the sun shines on the righteous!” 🙂

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