You Can’t Eat An Elephant In One Bite – Day 13 of The Pollyanna Plan

I have just returned from a walk with my Mum and the dogs at sunset. I’m particularly chuffed with this seemingly small event, as I’ve been exhausted all day, but I still managed to haul myself out of the house and put one foot in front of the other.

I had a bad night last night and I couldn’t even get any sleep during my customary nap this afternoon, which means that I have been struggling through a fog of exhaustion all day.

BUT, here comes the good bit. I woke up this morning free from all the flu like symptoms of yesterday, confirming my food intolerance theory is correct. Horrah! I also managed a few domestic tasks AND I have set myself a new goal. Exciting!

Day 13, Reason 13: I’m really pleased that I have completed the first step of my new goal.

Let me bring you up to speed. A very kind friend of the family has recently moved abroad and whilst sorting out her house, she came across a whole stack of beautiful vintage pieces, which she no longer had use for. To my complete surprise and elation, she gave them to me as a gift. Amazing! I have, of course, kept many, but I don’t have the space for them all and I have decided to sell some through my online shop.

So, the goal I have set myself is to list 3 items in my shop per week. You see, it’s quite a daunting task and I’ve been wondering how on earth I’ll find the energy to do it. I’ve been focusing on the job as a whole.  I’d have to spend hours photographing each item (which takes time to get the right angles, lighting etc), then edit the photos, upload them to the site, write a good description, research which tags work best, measure and weigh each item and work out all the shipping costs. Ahhh!

But, then I had a lightbulb moment and  realised that I really don’t have to do it all in one go on some magical day in the future, when I might feel well enough to tackle the job. Instead, I could list each item one at time.

So, today I have completed the first step and I have successfully listed 1 item in my shop. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I really enjoyed it – I love the sense of achievement I feel when I have finished a listing and it’s online ready for someone to buy.

Getting stuff done really makes me happy, which may sound a little crazy to you, but having been ill for so long and spent many months not being able to do anything at all, completing even the smallest tasks gives me a real sense of achievement and a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. 🙂

UIG-920-05-0-587-23898-4 - © - BuyenlargeUIG

352 days to go

352  reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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