Dream Big in 2018

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Just Wait And See

Hello! Remember me?! I came here to share some super exciting news with you all (well, it’s super exciting for me). However, I’m a little bit stunned by just how much time has passed since I last wrote a blog post – aaaaages, that’s how long. I could come up with a million excuses and … More Just Wait And See

The Glad Game

Just for fun… What are 5 things you can feel grateful for today? And to make it more interesting…none of them can cost any money! Ready, steady, GO! 😀 ❤ © The Pollyanna Plan – 2016 –  All Rights Reserved. Online Mentoring – Work With Me Follow The Pollyanna Plan on Facebook Join The Pollyanna Plan 30 … More The Glad Game

Your Intuition Knows What Is Right For You. Listen To It!

“Listen to your intuition”, I remind myself. “Do what feels right for you”, I say. And then, quite often, I don’t. I get caught in the trap of listening to what other people advise.  I question my gut feeling and try to rationalise my instincts. Or I do what I think I “should” be doing instead … More Your Intuition Knows What Is Right For You. Listen To It!